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Merlin’s Nightmare Tour Links

Merlin’s Nightmare Tour Participants,

Tour Details. Our tour for Robert Treskillard’s Merlin’s Nightmare begins Monday, August 25 and runs through Wednesday, August 27. For those of you who received review copies of the books, please remember to include a disclaimer such as the following: In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

Please consider posting your review in multiple places, including the Speculative Faith’s library — http://www.speculativefaith.com/submit-a-novel-review ).

Lastly, help build the CSFF community by visiting at least five other blogs during the tour. All CSFF members benefit in the long run, as do the authors of the books we feature.

August Tour Links. The links you’ll need this month are as follows (* indicates required link[s]):

*Merlin’s Nightmare – http://www.amazon.com/Merlins-Nightmare-Merlin-Spiral-Treskillard/dp/0310735092/ (or some other link of your choice)
Author Website – http://www.KingArthur.org.uk
*Participants’ links (list available no later than Sunday afternoon) – must be included at least once in the body of your blog OR updated in your sidebar to show the August participants.

*indicates required link(s)

Participation List

Beckie Burnham
Jeff Chapman
Vicky DealSharingAunt
April Erwin
Carol Gehringer
Victor Gentile
Rebekah Gyger
Carol Keen
Krystine Kercher
Emileigh Latham
Jennette Mbewe
Shannon McDermott
Meagan @ Blooming with Books
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Mirriam Neal
Joan Nienhuis
Writer Rani
Nathan Reimer
Audrey Sauble
Chawna Schroeder
Jojo Sutis
Robert Treskillard
Phyllis Wheeler
Elizabeth Williams

I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts about this book.


2 Responses to “Merlin’s Nightmare Tour Links”

  1. I never received the info for the Rebels tour. Is it still going on this week?

  2. As of today I don’t have any info on the Rebel’s tour. Once we’ve got an update it will be posted.

    In the meantime I’ll reach out to Becky and see if she knows what’s going on.

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