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Book Offer – Broken Wings

15869682Happy St. Patty’s Day, CSFFers,

Future Features. We’ve had a little glitch in our schedule and won’t be able to feature Evan Angler’s Sneak. However, we’re looking to add Storm, the next in the series which comes out in May. Consequently, we’re moving Broken Wings, a title familiar to many of you, into the next slot.

This isn’t set in stone, but I’m thinking we may try to hold two tours in April since there are so many new books available right now.

As it stands, the books we’ll feature over the next couple months include
Broken Wings by Shannon Dittemore
Storm by Evan Angler
Merlin’s Blade (this one by our own Robert Treskillard!)
A Cast of Stones by Patrick W. Carr
Captives by Jill Williamson
A Sword of Six Worlds by Matt Mikalatos (another CSFFer!)

Book Offer. Broken Wings by Shannon Dittemore is the sequel to Angel Eyes which we toured recently. We don’t usually feature two books by the same author so close together, but there was such a good response to the Angel Eyes tour. Take a look at the description of Broken Wings below. I just got word that this will also be available as an electronic copy via Net Galley. (This is especially helpful for those living outside the US since the publisher will only mail physical books to those in the US).

If you decide you’re interested in requesting a review copy of Broken Wings, please send me either your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS (for the electronic copy) or your NAME and physical mailing ADDRESS (for the physical book) by Tuesday morning, 9:00 AM (Pacific time).

Broken Wings by Shannon Dittemore, Thomas Nelson (February 2013)
YA Supernatural Fantasy
Book Two of the Angel Eyes Trilogy
ISBN: 1401686370
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Broken-Wings-Angel-Eyes-Novel/dp/1401686370/

Brielle has begun to see the world as it really is, a place where angels intermingle with humans. But just when she thinks she’s got things under control, the life she’s pieced together begins to crumble.

Her boyfriend, Jake, is keeping something from her. Something important.

And her overprotective father has turned downright hostile toward Jake. Brielle fears she’ll have to choose between the man who’s always loved her and the one who’s captured her heart.

Then she unearths the truth about her mother’s death and the nightmare starts. Brielle begins seeing visions of mysterious and horrible things.

What she doesn’t know is that she’s been targeted. The Prince of Darkness himself has heard of the boy with healing in his hands and of the girl who saw through the Terrestrial veil. When he pulls the demon Damien from the fiery chasm and sends him back to Earth with new eyes, the stage is set for the ultimate battle of good versus evil.

Brielle has no choice. She must master the weapons she’s been given. She must fight.
But can she fly with broken wings?

Right now, your guess is as good as mine. :-0

God’s care as you decide whether Broken Wings is a book you’d like to review.


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